Public speaking skills can be a hassle if you are insecure or introvert. However, a little bit of a practice and a little boost of confidence can heal the problem that many have when it comes to public speaking.

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Organize your thoughts, and draw a mental picture of what comes after what.
You will stutter once you run out of things to say, so it’s important to have a mental outline.

3. Be sure to make a thesis or to have a point.

4. Start your speech by making that point, and then give a brief outline of your examples and other evidences that you plan to use to prove your thesis.

5. Slowly, visualize your examples and tell them one by one.
Don’t be afraid to add more examples on the go or add little details, since they make your presentation much more personal.

6. Have fun, and be ready to answer questions. You can do it!

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